Arrival Time | Location 
PK3-4: 8:15AM (Classroom drop-offs only)
Grades 1-5: 8:15AM (Alabama Avenue entrance, closet to marque)

Dismissal Time | Location
PK3-4: 3:15PM (Pick-up from classrooms only)

Grades 1-2: 3:15PM (Dismissal from first set of doors on Alabama, closet to the marquee)
Grades 3-5: 3:15PM (Dismissal from double doors on Alabama Avenue)

No Extended Day Schedules

Uniform Attire
Top: Navy Blue or Yellow
Bottom: Navy Blue
Closed-toe Shoes Only!

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
At Anne Beers Elementary School, we always encourage academic and behavioral success. In our hopes to develop leaders who are respectful and responsible members of our school community, we adhere to a schoolwide matrix that outlines our core identity as Anne Beers Cheetahs. The matrix states:

I am respectful.
I am responsible.
I put forth my best effort.
I care about myself and others.I am peaceful.
I display school pride.
Earn Cheetah Bucks
When a student displays positive behavior in class and anywhere in the school, they are rewarded with Cheetah Bucks. Cheetah Bucks can be used to attend schoolwide events or to buy things at our monthly Cheetah Buck school store. The school store is operated and merchandised by staff members' and parents' hard work and donations. As students earn Cheetah Bucks, fervently save them and proudly spend them, they learn an unforgettable truth: hard work and responsible actions always produce tangible rewards.