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 Our Mission & Values
At Anne Beers Elementary School we cultivate young leaders who demonstrate exemplary academic and social progress. Our students are caring and respectful individuals who possess a global perspective.
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Our 2017-18 Theme: Reaching Beyond Success!
Each year Anne Beers students rise to the challenge of achieving "success, nothing less!" In fact, our scholars continuously exceed our expectations by excelling inside and outside of the classroom. Our graduates go on to attend the top middle and high schools in the District, and later colleges. 

This year we are reaching beyond success to set the mold for achievement. In addition to our usual greatness, we are making it our business to help others achieve their goals. You see, at Beers we understand that success is not just a personal journey but a discovery of extended family and community. Our overall objective is to help build an even greater community and stronger village to support our collective dreams.

DC Scores Poetry Slam

Watch Anne Beers students perform at the DC Scores Poetry Slam in honor of our beloved former teacher, Mrs. Katrinka Agurs, who we lost to breast cancer in 2015. "This is a serious matter."
New Enrichment Opportunities
Discover fun and unique learning resources offered
this year at Beers!
Developing a deep understanding of our curriculum means exploring a myriad of enrichment opportunities that foster critical thinking and creativity. 

​Each year we work harder to provide our young scholars with the absolute best activities that encourage growth through exploration and innovation. Learn about our new programs for the 2017-18 school year.